Nexivo - Zoho's Favourite Partner
Zoho's Favourite Partner

Leadership Team

Nexivo's leadership team has a long history of success in technology, business management, and executing large Digital Transformation Projects.

Ramakrishna Karolla- Nexivo CEO and founder

Ramakrishna Karolla

Founder & CEO

Sridhar Raju- Nexio COO and Co Founder

Sridhar Raju

Co Founder & COO

Srilatha Vanga- Nexivo HR and director

Srilatha Vanga

Director & HR

Our team of experts

Victor John- Nexivo head and technology delivery

Victor John

Head- Technology & Delivery

Ram Sailendra- Nexivo Solution Architect

Amit Dash

Head- Sales & Business Operations 

Ram Sailendra- Nexivo Solution Architect

Ram Sailendra

Solution Architect

Aarti Kulkarni- Nexivo Assistant Manager- Sales & Operations

Aarti Kulkarni

Assistant Manager- Sales & Operations

Suma Jena- Nexivo marketing Analyst

Suma Jena

Marketing Analyst

Adithya Varma- Nexivo junior engineer

Adithya Varma

Junior Engineer

Phanindra Reddy Y- Web developer

Phanindra Reddy Y

Web Developer

Tulasi Phani Kumar A- nexivo UX / UI Developer

 Tulasi Phani Kumar A

UX / UI Developer

Venkata Ravi kiran  M nexivo web developer

Venkata Ravi kiran  M

Web Developer

Jayaram V - nexivo visual designer

Jayaram V

Visual Designer

chada bhavani- nexivo marketing analyser

Chada Bhavani

Marketing Analyser

Srinivas Vasamseti- nexivo UX/UI developer

Srinivas Vasamsetti

UX / UI Developer

Venkatesh- nexivo jr ux/ui designer


Jr. UX/UI Designer

Sreekanth Reddy K- nexivo test analyst

 Sreekanth Reddy K

Test Analyst

 Sashi Bhusan P- nexivo web developer

 Sashi Bhusan P

Web Developer

Jarugu Jagan- nexivo web developer

Jarugu Jagan

Web Developer

Sisindri S- Nexivo web developer

Sisindri S

Web Developer

Srinath Patel- web developer

Srinath Patel

Web Developer

Nagarjuna Reddy- nexivo web developer

Nagarjuna Reddy

Web Developer

Sripanth K- nexivo web developer

Sripanth K

Web Developer

Hari priya- nexivo web developer

Hari Priya

Web Developer

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