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Nutshell Advertising   

Nutshell advertising case study

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Nutshell Advertising 

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A digital advertising company


Hyderabad, India

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‚ÄčIncrease in rate of conversion

Executive Summary:                            

Nutshell Advertising Private Limited is a leading and innovative digital marketing company located in Hyderabad and working with more than 100 clients. They were in search for a Brand management tool where they can easily manage their multiple clients' brand engagement in the space of social media all together with their team. After having a disappointing experience with a number of social media aggregation tools, they reached to us for the automation and integration of their brand management solution. Based on our recommendations , the customer chose to take Zoho Social as the primary Brand Management Tool for all their clients. They have been happy with the tool since then and are adding brands to their portfolio.                   


Nutshell Advertising was acquiring new clients rapidly but did not have the automation systems necessary to reduce campaign management tasks across multiple 
social media channels for their clients.  Handling multiple clients and their social media channel was not an easy task and the customer queries and escalations were 
rising with the increase in the customers. 

The Business: 

Nutshell Advertising is located in Hyderabad, India. It is one of the leading digital marketing/advertising company which handles and manage their clients' social 
media channels, help them to build their brand position and grow their reach.  

The Challenges: 

    Managing the brands on social media between multiple social channels, scheduling the social campaigns, monitoring dashboards and gaining insightful analytics  were the foremost challenges for them. There were utter chaos in executing social media campaigns and also monitoring the engagement. Huge delays in sending 
    reports on the campaign performance because most of the marketing functions were being carried out in a very traditional way using excel sheets and native 
    social media accounts.  

Finding a solution: 

       Nexivo's experts recommended Zoho Social for their Social Media Management needs for various brands .They got convinced after Nexivo gave a Live demo using its 

Zoho Social account.  Now they are able to collaborate with multiple teams on Zoho Social for managing multiple brands of their customers for easily creating, 

scheduling and monitoring the campaigns.  

Implementation and Result:  

    Implementation  of  Zoho  Social  helped  Nutshell  to  easily  manage  and  provide  Insightful Analytics.  The  data  also  helped  them  to  keep  on  improving  performance  in  their  every campaign,  easily  analysing  the  brand's  performance,  monitoring  everything  in  the  single platform  and  made  them  increase  in  the  
     rate  of  conversion.    

What would you say publicly about Zoho?

"Zoho Social is the best Brand Management tool used by our company through 
which we are able to centrally manage multiple Brand Engagements with a very 
small Team in a very easy manner.It is an awesome product for digital marketers" 
Nutshell Advertising Team

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