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Nexivo is a leading Alexa Skills Development company based in Hyderabad , India working on voice based solutionsThe potential for businesses of any size to have a digital assistant that can immediately find and report crucial information, as well as slicing and dicing the data according to user commands is incredibly exciting.

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Focus Shifts to Alexa Skills Development

Alexa Skills development is set to reign amongst the enterprises and businesses as the focus shift is expected from mobile app developers to Alexa Skills developers.

How Alexa Skills Development helps various Businesses

Any business application can be integrated with Amazon Alexa to provide a new level of user experience to the consumers.

Uber with Alexa Skill: It is just like saying “Alexa, book a taxi” and the taxi arrives at your place in minutes, you can also integrate your mobile application with Amazon Alexa with specified Amazon Alexa skills development that defines your app features. It does not matter if the mobile application relates to any industry like food and beverage, travel & transport, entertainment or fitness; Alexa skills development will certainly bring the user experience to the next level.

We know exactly how to add Voice to your Big Idea

Nexivo is blessed with a pool of talented developers who are so enthusiastic to empower businesses with voice enabled applications. Our expert Alexa Skills developers have expertise for the following:

Alexa Skills Kit (ASK): Alexa Skills KIt is an SDK that is having a predefined Skill sets which can be used to program any IoT device to Alexa. For example, any smartwatch, sensor or thermostat can be integrated and can be made compatible with Alexa through ASK. We have expertise in mobile app integration which helps your mobile application tying up Alexa Skills with mobile device command and display.

Design: To give your users a great voice experience, we will help you design a rich voice interaction by our complete understanding to the design process. Our years of experience for making interactive mobile applications will help you in planning what users will say and how Alexa will respond. We will make sure your interaction feels natural, adds or delivers value and works in the way that you imagined while testing it.

Building and Hosting in the Cloud: Our team of Alexa Skills development will help you in building and hosting your skill(s) in the cloud.

Launch: When the Skill is ready and tested, we will help you in submitting it for certification and once it passes, it will be published in the Alexa Skills Store.

Hire Nexivo for Alexa Skills Development

Alexa can work wonders for your Big Idea or business if skilled properly and it leaves you with a rallying cry to find an expert and accomplished Alexa Skills Development company. We, at Nexivo, specialise in building Amazon Alexa Skills for almost all industry verticals with expertise in mobile application development and IoT based solutions and devices. We have been providing our expert services for Alexa Application development too.

Hence, if you are searching for an Amazon Alexa Skills developer, you search ends here. Hire Alexa Skills developers from Nexivo and get started with Voice Enabled technology solutions for your business needs.

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