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Zoho Life Science CRM

Zoho Life Science CRM will be a true differential experience in your hospital

It is a first-of-its-kind, multi-channel communication platform with sales automation functions, seamless integration, and mobile accessibility.
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We will make Zoho work for you

Build stronger customer relationships and excel in customer engagement with our excellent Zoho CRM service. We provide Zoho customer relationship management solution to bring patient care to the new level. Nexivo offers a vertical Zoho Life Science CRM solution that enables pharmaceutical and life science companies to automate industry-specific business processes and improve customer experience. Pharmaceutical companies leverage Zoho Life Science CRM services from Nexivo to automate processes and increase revenue by empowering their field force with tools for cycle activities planning, marketing, sales and comprehensive analytics.

We present Zoho Life Science CRM for today's healthcare system

Promote your products to influential physicians and patients

Our Zoho engineers will equip your Zoho Life Science CRM setting to maintain a complete record of all interactions with customers and distributors in one place. That will lead you to promote and increase sales of new and existing products to influential physicians and patients with all the information you need for making the perfect pitch.

Zoho Life Science CRM- product promotion
Zoho Life Science CRM- improve interaction

Improve interactions with multi-channel CRM      

Our implement and deployment experts will help you to integrate Zoho Life Science CRM with multi-channels like your Email, telephony, live chat, SMS, and social media to get most of selling efforts. That will notify the medical reps of upcoming field visits, schedule follow up activities, set reminders, and update customers. Eventually this setting will improve your sales approach for maximum engagement.

Save time, effort and money

We assure you the Zoho route planner will let you save time, money and effort by helping medical reps to find Healthcare Organisation (HCOs) and Healthcare Professionals (HCPs) nearby. Our Zoho engineers will equip your Zoho Life Science CRM to enable efficient field force management, all in one place.

    Zoho Life Science CRM- save money and time
    Zoho Life Science CRM- improve interaction

    Improve interactions between healthcare professionals and medical reps

    We will combine your sales and marketing efforts to improve interactions between healthcare professionals and medical reps. By adding the features into it that will complement your sales process, such as automatic scheduling of calls and meetings, place product request on the go, assigning distributors based on location, etc., we will make a detailed product database that can be used to strategise sales pitches, and draw your product segment matrix.

    Get real time data-driven insights

    By making your Zoho Life Science CRM powerful here we will give power into your hands to fetch the real and hidden insights.  Get advanced performance management features, such as reporting, analytics, territory management, sales forecasting, and gamification. We will train to build impressive dashboards with customized and user-friendly reports to analyze field visits per day, sales per medical rep, conversion rates, sales growth per distributors, estimated expenses vs actual expenses, and more. Get all of in details at just one snap.

    Zoho Life Science CRM- get real time data
    Zoho Life Science CRM- inventory management

     Advance inventory management tool 

    Inventory management is a huge task and to make it more easy for you we will integrate powerful inventory management tool into Zoho life Science CRM which will create a gap between suppliers, distributors, and healthcare professionals. This will also monitor product movement and efficiently track all payments. You'll be able to create quotes, invoices, custom reports and sales orders using custom hospital specific templates effortlessly.

    Manage all social media conversations in real time

    From sharing content to closing deals, get everything done right from the Social Tab in Zoho Life Science CRM. Target your customers and build awareness for your products by effectively using their social media activity.

    Zoho Life Science CRM- manage social media
    Zoho Life Science CRM- apps integration

    Integrate 200+ business apps

    We will help you to seamlessly integrate with the apps that are specific to your business and help you to stay connected easily with your patients and health representatives.

    Up-selling & Patient Re-targeting

    Get more productivity with less effort in closing deals and customer support with sales automation.

    360 Degree View About The Patient

    Get complete knowledge about your patients at one place.


    Flexible user interface to customize Zoho Life Science CRM.

    App Integration

    Integrate third-party business apps to improve your CRM performance.

    Inventory Management

    Manage stock, track orders, and generate invoices from within CRM.

    Anytime, Anywhere Accessible

    Manage your business anywhere, at any time with Zoho  LIfe Science CRM mobile app.

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