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Zoho HR and recruitment- Zoho People- manage employee

Manage your employee data efficiently

  • Effortlessely and easily add employees.

  • consolidate all records and information in a central place.

  • A clear-cut illustration of the reporting structure and overall hierarchy of your organization.

  • Eliminate manual entries, Zoho People enables the seamless sync of data.

Easy HR management

  • Effortless on boarding process.

  • Track your employee attendance

  • Consolidate your employees' leaves with the help of leave tracker

  • Effortlessly handle shift scheduling
Zoho HR and recruitment- Zoho People- HR management
Zoho HR and recruitment- Zoho People- customized appraisal management

Use customized performance appraisal methods

  • Evaluate employee performance and identify areas for their improvement with the help of powerful analytical report.

  • Keep check on your employees' competence  . 

  • Quickly gather insights about each member of the team.

  • Set goals to achieve growth.

  • Easily add tasks, assign employees, and set due dates without shifting multiple tabs.

  • Define SLAs for every category.

Manage the cases in a snap

  • Get a consolidated picture of cases in-progress.

  • Easily check the status of all queries; if they are open, in-progress, closed, pending or on-hold.

  • Add documents--like FAQs, URLs, forms and policies-- for employees quick reference

  • Employees can submit their details, apply leave, log time and perform a lot more required actions.

  • Add tasks, assign employees, and set due dates with a single tab.
Zoho HR and recruitment- Zoho People- manage cases
Zoho HR and recruitment- Zoho People- manage documents

Manage all the documents on the go

  • Store all your documents in a single, central, secure location. Sort, organize, and share files without any mess.

  • Securely store all the confidential documents.

Customize all the features

  • Automate your daily work task.
  • Create a customized form, set rules, establish validation with easy drag and drop feature to capture information.
  • Gather meaningful insights about your workforce
  • Integrate Zoho people with several Zoho third-party applications.
  • Validate employee check ins and time logs with IPs and Geo-tracking.
Zoho HR and recruitment- Zoho People- customize features

Secure & Centralized data management

Keep employee data fully secured and manage all your HR administrative actions  from a central location.

Easily track time, leave, and attendance

consolidate attendance data from multiple devices, customize leave types, schedule jobs, and create time-sheets easily.

Simplify employee performance reviews

Identify your employees' strengths and weaknesses. Set goals, gather 360-degree feedback, and review performance.

HR Case management tool

Create a category for every type of question, assign an agent, organize, and discuss the case through comments.

Automate and accelerate HR tasks.

Automate mail alerts, create tasks and checklists, initiate automatic field updates, and build custom applications.

Fit your business needs

Collect all the required information and make sure they stay up to date with the help of customized forms.

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