Nexivo - Zoho's Favourite Partner
Zoho's Favourite Partner

Why Choose Nexivo for Zoho ?

A  Zoho focussed company with a team of  Zoho Experts , Process Driven Implementation, Live Project Collaboration & unflinching Support .

To say in different words " We  live & breathe Zoho and nothing else"

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Nexivo's Zoho Expertise

Our experts have a strong technical expertise of Zoho working on App Development and Integrations between all Zoho Products. 

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 Live Project Collaboration

Right from the start, we work with our customers as their extended team and collaborate realtime on a Project Management Platform

Customer Collaboration & Feedback
Nexivo Consulting Private Limited

What we do

We specialize in providing the best financial services. Everything we do is aimed at creating the best results

Process Driven Engagement

Based on our experience with automation of Business processes with Zoho, we have established a Process driven Implementation Methodology 

Process & Methodology

Zoho Support Services

We strongly believe that our Customers success is the primary mission of any Zoho project. We have a strong Support Services model a Helpdesk Portal
Support Services
Nexivo consulting

We are a squad of Zoho experts

  With having years of hands on experience on Zoho we are proud to call ourselves a 'Zoho Authorized Partner' and will be glad to be your 'Business Growth Acceleration Partner'. We are the team of Zoho experts who deliberately work focusing on our customers' business growth. As we believe our customers' achievement is our achievement. 

We understand leveraging innovative technologies for your business growth is very important. And that's why we help our customers integrating some advance technology solutions  like AWS Cloud Services to develop cloud-based software applications and solutions in the areas of Blockchain Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Chatbots, Voice Recognition, Internet of Things, Mobile applications, Big data, analytics etc. to accelerate their business.

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