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Ayana Energy

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Ayana Energy

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LED Lighting Company


Hyderabad, India

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Executive Summary:

Ayana Energy is a LED lighting company that is 100% Indian owned and operated. We are an ISO 9001:2015 company, based in Hyderabad with operations in Telangana, Andhra and Karnataka. LED energy efficient lighting will revolutionize lighting in India as it provides significant energy savings throughout the lifetime of the product. Ayana Energy prides itself on its well-experienced team; the team’s approach to engineering and manufacturing of LED lights ensure that the lights integrate a host of innovative features and have top-notch quality.

The  Challenges:

  1. Automation of complete business operations on CRM

  2. Lead assignment process

  3. Generation of the quotations

  4. Handling the social channel accounts

  5. Lead generation process


Zoho CRM: We have customised the leads, deals, accounts, contacts and quotes modules. We have configured all the company, personnel and user related information in the zoho CRM. Lead conversion mapping is also done for pushing the data from the leads module to the deals module while conversion of the leads. We have configured the lead assignment rules where the leads assignment process was automated. Configured the social channel twitter with zoho CRM and also configured the automate lead generation process. We have configured the webmail with zoho CRM via IMAP. Email templates & workflows have been configured to automate sales processes.


Zoho CRM:  All the lead capturing processes have been automated. Generation of the invoices to the customer has become easy for the agents. All the manual entries have been changed to the digital records. Creation of the deals, accounts and contacts have been automated. All the emails are also sent automatically form the zoho CRM after completion of the each activity. Lead assignment process has helped them to segregate the leads to the appropriate sales reps. It has become hazzle free for the client to generate the reports