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Bright Order

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Bright Order

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 Fleet Maintenance


Mississauga, Canada

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Executive Summary:

Founded in 1996, BrightOrder is the only Enterprise Fleet Maintenance Management platform on Oracle Technology. Our purpose built, designed and engineered SaaS application is used by clients of all sizes, from 50+ assets to those with over 80,000+. Servicing clients across North America and Europe. We had clients running their maintenance shops over the Internet well before the terms SaaS or Cloud, pre-dating YouTube. Amazon pushed online sales in 1994, and we’ve pushed the most enterprise online maintenance platform since 1996.And now we’re going to revolutionize Fleet Maintenance with the introduction of EMDECS AI. BrightOrder is driven to go beyond repair orders, inventory management and PM’s. We’re here to revolutionize the industry and provide you with the best technology in a way that’s simple to use.

The Challenges:

1.Leave Management struggle.

2.The company was following the monolithic way of HRMS and wanted to automate and streamline all Human Resource processes.

3. Files management.


Zoho People: 

We have automized the brightorder HRMS process by using the zoho people system effectively. We have customised the leaves module so that their employees can raise the leave and automatically the approval process will be triggered to accept or decline the request.We have also customised the employee form where all the details are taken by the employee and maintained in the zoho people system. Various reports are also being configured as per their requirements.


Zoho People: All the human resource processes have been automated and made the HR team effortless to track. With the help of the approval process, approvals for the leaves, have become simple. All the manual entries have been changed to digital records. Storing all the files of the employee's at a single place made it easy for the HR team. They found the zoho people was very user-friendly and effortless to pull the reports from the system for every process defined. They were experiencing the beauty of the leave management.