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Cancellation and Refunds

The client agrees to all the commercial terms in this article and those defined at Page 2, 3 of the service agreement signed between Nexivo and Client where the total value of the contract is defined and includes all the costs payable by the client as per the payment milestones and the currency defined for the payments.


    Any charges payable under this agreement are exclusive of any applicable taxes, tariff surcharges or other like amounts assessed by the government from time to time, arising as a result of the delivery of the services by the service provider to the client under this agreement. All such amounts shall be payable by the client to the service provider on submission of tax invoice or claim for such amounts.


    After receipt of a tax invoice by the client of a claim or invoice for payment, the client shall pay to the service provider an amount within seven working days according to the payment schedule as detailed above – Payment Schedule and Terms & Conditions


     If the client is based in India, taxes will be applicable as on the date of Invoice. The client agrees to share GSTIN for updating the invoices for the purpose of tax input which can be claimed by client. The client also agrees not to withhold any part of taxes payable to the government by Nexivo illegally while paying towards the tax invoices. The client will bear all the charges towards any penalties or equitable interest charges payable to the government on account of such delays for the amounts withheld.


    Refunds: In case the client wants to cancel the Zoho software licenses and reduce the license count of the Zoho software licenses purchased through the service provider, any discounts provided to the client on the license cost by Nexivo, will be adjusted against the refund credit amount after Zoho. All refund requests for Zoho license cancellations and downgrades will be communicated to Zoho for approval and processing. A one time refund processing charges of USD 200 or equivalent currency of Invoice will be charged to the client.


    Payment mode: The client agrees to pay the considerations under this contract through online wire transfer [SWIFT mode for International payments] [NEFT/IMPS/UPI for domestic payments within India] from the clients business account to the bank accounts of the service provider mentioned above' - Payment terms & condition. If any additional charges incur due to the change in the mode of payment for eg. credit card or pay pal, these additional charges will be paid by the client along with milestone payments.