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Executive Summary:                            

CarWale is a digital platform where automobile owners and purchasers can study, buy, sell, and discuss vehicles. It is also India's largest auto media vehicle. The business was established in 2005, and it has been credited with a number of initiatives for Indian car buyers, including the consolidation of used car inventories from various dealers and the online presentation of those inventories, the introduction of India's first used car price guide, the development of India's most extensive resource for car research, and more. Additionally, CarWale began offering free car consultations, loan processing, insurance selections, and test drives at customers' doorsteps. Nexivo went through the business operations and suggested Zoho CRM for crisp sales process.


CarWale provides an online platform that makes car buying and selling easy for consumers. The platform allows users to research different brands of cars, compare pricing, and explore insurance options. The company also serves as a listing platform that connects buyers and sellers of cars. The CarWale app is available for iOS and Android devices. The company's mission is to empower Indian consumers to make informed decisions about car buying and ownership through its unbiased and detailed information, including expert and owner reviews, and detailed specifications and comparisons. With the merger of CarWale and CarTrade in Jan 2016, the company became a market leader in both new and used cars space. 

The Business: 

CarWale provides a customer-focused online platform to streamline the auto-purchasing process. The company's goal is to give automobile buyers more control by making the car buying and research process simple. The business, which has its headquarters in Mumbai, India, has developed into the biggest automotive platform in the nation after serving over 65 million Indian automobile buyers in the previous year. The business, which employs between 501 and 1000 people, provides a variety of services, such as pricing, insurance comparisons, and listing platforms that link buyers and sellers of automobiles

The Challenges: 

The entire Sales process was in an Excel worksheet, and managing the Sales pipeline and compliance was a big issue. Due to manual management, tracking and reporting were challenges. Sales performance with respect to the Sales team was not structured.

Finding a solution: 

Nexivo understood their business process and to solve their problem suggested Zoho CRM & Zoho sign with custom module and integration to streamline the complexity of their process, which included IO creation, approval process & Zoho Sign workflow.

Implementation and Result:  

The solution was set based on the business process, where the relationship between the OEM and the agency is defined. Blueprints are defined at the deal pipeline stages, and a checklist for each stage transition was customized. Automation and approvals based on release orders are configured, which helped in tracking the deals without any errors. A custom module about post-sales is defined as "Deliverables". Based on the engagement, the deliverables are monitored at the milestone level. The KPIs and targets have been set up to measure the Goals and Performance of the sales team. Event-based reporting is set up for the leadership team to review the movement of deals.   

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