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Chatbot Development Services

Nexivo is a leading Voicebot & Chatbot Development Services Company in India , developing chatbots for Government, Educational organisations, Healthcare providers and startup companies

Bots are already proliferating in business faster than you’ve likely realized. Bots are extremely malleable by design, so they can be used for a variety of purposes.They are common in travel, news, retail, banking, and much, much more. The biggest benefits of the bots in various industry verticals are as follows:-

  • Chat bots as the new, 24/7 face of customer service
  • Chatbots can help automate fraud prevention processes
  • Bots can push relevant content to end users and test user engagement
  • Bots can lead a company’s personalization strategy and generate incremental revenue
  • Bots can play an important role in operational efficiency & analytics
  • Chat bots mean no peak times or extra staffing projections for the holidays

Chatbot Development Services

Bots for Brands

Bots allow brands to speak for themselves .It is simply about a customer having a conversation with a brand, in the moment, about their wants and needs.

Government Bots for Citizen Services

In the age of conversational commerce, the public sector make the most of this emerging bot technology to connect directly and usefully with its citizens to deliver citizen services to the public.

Sales Bots

Define the complex and simple “skills” your salesbot will perform to help customers or partners complete frustrating tasks − quickly. Get utmost flexibility to create a range of purposeful, actionable and proactive skills for your Salesbot to do.

Banking Bots

Smarter Banking Bots -Chatbots for Banking helps you provide personalized white-glove service,pump up customer delight,and save aton of time for the Service teams

Service Support Bots

Make it convenient for your customers to contact you , when they need you by chatting with bots for resolving their problems through Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence . Give agents more time to receive, process, and respond to service requests those which cannot be handled by bots

Helpdesk Bots

Relieve support personnel from mundane support tasks saving 1000s of support hours every year.Provide answers from machine learning enabled knowledge bases via the assistant

How bots help businesses?

Chatbots for Business

Marketing has undergone a revolution in the internet age. Almost every traditional marketing tactic and gimmick has evolved to keep pace with the changing world.

Chatbots in Marketing

If you’re like many others, it’s possible that you think of them as nothing more than that annoying little window that pops up when you’re visiting a website.

Govt Bots Service

The phrase “customer service” has often sounded like an oxymoron to anyone who has endured interminable lines at the DMV, navigated maze-like call centers…

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