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Executive Summary:

eAppSys was founded in 2010 in the United Kingdom as an Oracle Solution Provider by a team of Oracle experts from the Oracle market.Today they are a leading Systems Integrator focused exclusively on supporting the core enterprise application systems within Oracle, such as Oracle e-Business Suite and HCM. As an Oracle Platinum Partner they can provide Oracle’s business solutions, consulting and services from strategic locations in the UK and India.

The Challenges:

  1. Unable to track the activities and log hours of employees
  2. Onboarding Processes
  3. Time and attendance management struggles
  4.  Exit Management
  5. Probation & Confirmation Management
  6. Leave management
  7. Asset Management
  8. Creation and posting of job openings in the different career sites
  9. Association of candidates to job openings.

  10. Scheduling of interviews and shortlisting.

Finding Solution:

Being a technology partner of E Appsys, Nexivo Consulting recommended them Zoho platform after knowing their suffering with regards to Human resource process and management. Moreover, being the Zoho Authorized Partner Nexivo Consulting did the complete analysis of their challenges and understood their requirements and provided the solutions.


Zoho People: We have effectively used the zoho people system and configured the modules to satisfy the requirements. We have integrated the attendance module of zoho people with their internal biometric system and also added different shifts for UK and india employees. We have configured the onboarding process to automate the employee onboarding process to validate their documents and to gather other information before joining. We created the custom form and defined the approval process & custom actions for the probation process.  We have configured the leave management system of zoho people system and used the approval flows and designed the forms to make the leave management hurdle free. We have added the roles, departments, designation and locations for the employees. We have also created the mail merge templates and email templates to automate the processes. we have customised the compensation i.e asset module in zoho people by adding the required fields in form and created the custom form as per the requirement to tackle the asset management. We have also defined the exit management process by using the exit module in zoho system by adding the approval process and defining the workflows. Checklists are created for the exit process and onboarding process. We have configured the various email templates in the zoho system which will be triggered automatically which makes the HR team hassle free. 

Zoho Recruit: We have customised the job opening module which makes the HR team to create the jobs without any hassle. In a single click the HR team can post the job opening in the different career sites. We have also integrated their career site with zoho people so that when a candidate apply for the particular job opening through their organisation career site then the candidates will be automatically associated to that job opening. We have automated the association of candidates process by using the workflows. We have also configured the interview process to make the scheduling of interviews and shortlisting of the candidates easy for the HR team. We also configured the blueprints for defining the processes. Various approval processes, forms, email templates have been configured to automate the recruitment system. 


Zoho People: All the human resource processes have been automated and made the HR team very easy to track. With the help of the approval process defined, approvals for the leaves, and various other processes have become simple. All the manual entries have been changed to the digital records. They can also track the activities and log hours of the employees using the system.Onboarding process of employee has made the HR team easy to verify the documents, make the employees to accept the company policies and gather the information from employee prior to joining. All the processes like the exit, onboarding, leave have been automated.They found the zoho people was very user-friendly and effortless to pull the reports from the system for every process defined.

Zoho Recruit: All the recruitment processes have been automated and made recruitment teams easy to assess the candidate profile just filtering the candidate name.All the manual processes like scheduling the interview sending of the emails have been automated. Candidate association has also became easy where candidates will be automatically associated with the job opening when they apply through career sites. They have found using zoho Recruit more effortless in managing data of candidates in contrast to other applications.

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