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Executive Summary:

e-MUG and ISO 9001:2015 and ISMS certified product design and development organization having experienced in servicing clients across a range of engineering segments helping improve their engineering efficiency, support their global footprint and improve their competitiveness. Leveraging technology, domain knowledge, & our robust work planning methodology to ensure an effective global delivery model for engineering services projects, they have emerged as a partner-of-choice for leading international companies on Mechanical, Embedded Software, MFG Engineering, PLM and IOT.

The Challenges:

  1. Leave Management System
  2. Attendance management System
  3. Onboarding Processes
  4. Creation of job openings

  5. Association of candidates to job openings

  6. Scheduling of interviews and shortlisting

  7. Generation of offer letters

Finding Solution:

Being a technology partner of E Mug. Nexivo Consulting recommended them Zoho platform after knowing their suffering with regards to Human Resource process and management. Moreover, being the Zoho Authorized Partner Nexivo Consulting did the complete analysis of their challenges and understood their requirements and provided the solutions.



Zoho People:  We have effectively used the zoho people system to satisfy the most of the requirements and provided the solution by configuring the available modules. We have configured the leave management system of zoho people system and used the approval flows and designed the forms to make the leave management hurdle free. Attendance module of zoho people was configured to make the attendance management simpler for the HR team where employees can mark their attendance or request for the regularization and also we have configured the geo restriction where employees can mark their attendance only at a particular defined location by the organisation. We have added the roles, departments, designation and locations for the employees. We have created a custom project in the project module where employees can add the jobs and time sheets.  Onboarding process was also defined where HR team can get the documents verified, make the employees to accept the company policies and gather some of the generic information of the employees. We also configured the email templates which will be triggered automatically as per the process defined.

Zoho Recruit: We have customised the job opening module where HR team will create the job opening and post it in the career sites in a single click. We have automated the candidate association process where candidates will be associated to the particular job opening without any hassle.Scheduling of the interviews and shortlisting of the candidates has become easy by configuring the interview module of zoho recruit system. We automated the offer letter generation process which has made the HR team to easily generate the offer letter and maintain the data in the system itself. We also configured the blueprints for defining the processes. 



Zoho People: All the human resource processes have been automated and made the HR team very easy to track.With the help of the approval process defined, approvals for the leaves, comp-off and various other processes have become simple.All the manual entries have been changed to the digital records. They can also track the activities and log hours of the employees using the system.Onboarding process of employee has made the HR team easy to verify the documents, make the employees to accept the company policies and gather the generic information from employee.They found the zoho people was very user-friendly and effortless to pull the reports from the system for every process defined.

Zoho Recruit: All the recruitment processes have been automated and made recruitment teams easy to assess the candidate profile just filtering the candidate name.All the manual processes like scheduling the interview sending of the emails have been automated. Generation of the offer letters for the different levels of job has also become simple for the HR team.