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Chatbots are one of the best forms of Artificial Technology gaining traction day by day. Businesses in every vertical are introducing bots to interact with their customers.Facebook messenger bots are becoming a valuable channel for customer engagements.

A recent study reveals that 80% of companies are about to use chatbots by 2020. Facebook itself says to have 30,000 bots serving in around 200 countries.

India is the second highest country with facebook users Chatbots are ideal helpdesk managers, they never go for vacation neither they sleep, so you can handle 24×7 interactions. They make the conversation precise saving up to 4 minutes per inquiry time, thus, helping the potential customers to purchase faster.

Better Visibility

​The better the visibility, the higher will be the chance of customers to make a purchase. Unlike other bots which are available on business web pages which provides visibility only to the customers visiting their site but a Facebook bot is very easy to find. It is visible to around 1.3 billion users of Facebook, isn’t it great!

Personalization of Content

For some businesses, Facebook bot acts as an extension to their content marketing strategies. And also they use it to focus on their content. It makes your client comfortable and makes them feel privileged.

A Simplified Customer Experience

Facebook bot interacts very well with customers. For instance, It can receive and send messages, images and provide clickable buttons like ‘Buy Now.’ This helps the customers to make a purchase directly from their messenger app.

Social Media Monetization

Facebook bot comes in messenger making it inherently social. You can share it with your friends. Moreover, bots will soon participate in group conversations . They will able to solve problems in new and unique ways.
Introducing the bot for your business could help you push your specialized services. Bots help you personalize your content and help you generate revenue directly from the social media platform

Nexivo is a leading Chatbot development Agency located in Hyderabad, India developing chatbots and voice bots for businesses. We have experts to development Facebook messenger bots, Whatsapp bots, Alexa skills development, Google Home bot development.

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