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FHD Organo

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Design Strategies


Hyderabad, India

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Executive Summary:

Organo is the brainchild of the Navira Team. It was founded and named after – Nagesh, Vijaya and Raj – directors of the FHD group; one of India’s leading design firms. Organo started with a shared vision to provide an authentic living experience to people today, a life that not only is technologically progressive but one which revives cultures and brings people together. Passion for ‘change’ in the society today as well as in the ways of the industry, is the primordial force that pushed the team of Navira to start a group that can redefine the rules of the game.

Also, having been in very close quarters to the construction industry and watching the growth spurt of Hyderabad, protecting the bio-conservation zone has been of paramount importance to the Navira team. That’s what inspired them to form a community of people to own it, to enjoy living close to the elements, to create a force to protect it. Thus, Organo was born.


Zoho CRM: We have customised the deals module where we have added the deals stages and for each stage we have created the workflow for automating the email process. We have imported the accounts data into the deal module without any loss of the data. We have created an new custom module for the generation of the detailed reports. We have also designed the sales funnel in the dashboard. We have configured all the company, personnel and user related information in the zoho CRM. We have configured the reports as per the requirement.


Zoho CRM: All the manual entries have been changed to the digital records. Creation of the deals, accounts and contacts have been automated. All the emails are also sent automatically from the zoho CRM after completion of the each activity. Due to the various deal stages segregation of each deal has become easy for the sales reps. It has become hazzle free for the client to generate the reports.