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Multi Brand Fashion Store


Hyderabad, India

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Executive Summary:

Hansamukh software solutions is an IT partner in India that provides software solutions for ZEB, a trendy multi-brand fashion store with shops in Belgium that contain more than 70 top brands in 1 store, like G-star, Diesel, ONLY, Vera Moda, Jack&Jones, Tommy Hilfiger, Lee,… ZEB has 66 shops in Belgium and 1 must-visit E-shop. Our motto is “Hooray it’s today!” and you can feel that every day in our shops and HQ, cuz they are passionate about Jeans, fashion and fun. Last year ZEB grew enormously and recently “Point-carré”, “Fashion for stars” and “The Fashion store” joined the ZEB group, which makes a total of 110 shops in Belgium, Luxembourg and France, providing fashion for all ages in different concept stores. In ZEB we want to make a difference by giving the customer a fun and unforgettable shopping experience with the latest technologies and developments in fashion!

The Challenges:

  1. The company was following the monolithic way of HRMS and wanted to automate and streamline all Human Resource processes.

  2. Onboarding Processes.

  3. Time and attendance management struggles.

  4. Leave Management struggle.

Finding Solution:

Being a technology partner of Hansamukh Nexivo Consulting recommended them Zoho platform after knowing their suffering with regards to Human Resource process and management. Moreover, being the Zoho Authorized Partner Nexivo Consulting did the complete analysis of their challenges and understood their requirements and provided the solutions.


Zoho People: We have automized the hansamukh HRMS process by using the zoho people system effectively. We have customised the leaves module so that their employees can raise the leave and automatically the approval process will be triggered to accept or decline the request. We have also customised the attendance regularization process. We have also created the new module as the exit management where the exit process is automized and made the HR and employee hazzle free. We configured the onboarding process making simple to the HR team for validation of documents, making the employees to accept all the company related policies and for gathering the other generic information from the employee. We also configured the email templates which will be triggered automatically as per the process defined.


Zoho People:  All the human resource processes have been automated and made the HR team very easy to track. With the help of the approval process defined, approvals for the leaves, comp-off and various other processes have become simple. All the manual entries have been changed to the digital records. Onboarding process of employee has made the HR team easy to verify the documents, make the employees to accept the company policies and gather the insurance related data from employee.

They found the zoho people was very user-friendly and effortless to pull the reports from the system for every process defined. They were experiencing the beauty of the performance management,attendance management,and leave management etc.