Nexivo - Zoho's Favourite Partner
Zoho's Favourite Partner

Zoho One- An Operating System for your Entire Business

Nexivo consulting pvt ltd


Sell efficiently across channels with a structured sales process that takes you from lead to cash.

Your Oaks


Your OAKS a leading online education portal has improved 36% in its rate of conversion with Zoho

Assured Property


Assured Property has increased 50% in customer engagement with 0% lead loss using Zobot

Nexivo consulting pvt ltd


Find new talent and empower employees. Develop talent and build a strong organization.

Your Oaks


Categorize transactions, track cash flows, manage bills and expenses, and monitor your financial health.

Assured Property


fulfill orders quickly, manage internal and customer-facing projects, expand your business model, and create custom apps for your unique processes.

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