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Quant Data & Analytics

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Riyadh, Saudi,  Arabia

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Executive Summary:                            

Quant is a renowned Saudi consulting company that specializes in data analytics, business intelligence, and artificial intelligence. With several years of industry experience, Quant has established itself as a trusted partner for businesses and governments seeking to harness the power of data. Their team of seasoned professionals is dedicated to delivering comprehensive services and innovative software solutions that optimize operations, enhance efficiency, and enable informed decision-making. By leveraging advanced techniques in data management, analytics, and machine learning, Quant empowers organizations to unlock the full potential of their data, driving revenue growth, cost reduction, and process improvements. Nexivo understood the company's operations and their issues in recruitment & people management system and suggested to opt for Zoho Recruit with Zoho Forms integration for smoother operations.


Quant is a leading provider of cutting-edge enterprise business intelligence solutions that optimize data and drive organizational excellence. With a focus on enhanced analytics and AI, Quant empowers businesses to harness the full potential of their most valuable asset - data. By combining advanced technologies with a deep understanding of industries, markets, and governments, Quant delivers unique and impactful solutions that drive innovation, data transparency, and lasting success. Through lifelong partnerships with clients, Quant pushes organizations towards ultimate paths of achievement, solving complex challenges and unlocking boundless excellence. 

The Business: 

Quant has experienced significant growth since its founding in 2015. With a current employee count of over 105, Quant has established itself as a key player in the industry. The company has secured a total funding amount of $19.2 million through various financing rounds, including a notable Series A round of $8 million in February 2022. Quant's success is further evidenced by its strong investor backing, with a total of five investors supporting its growth. Through its comprehensive suite of services and SaaS products, Quant empowers businesses and governments to become data-driven, optimizing operations, enhancing efficiency, and augmenting decision-making processes for increased revenue and improved mission-critical processes

The Challenges: 

● Facing difficulties with the job opening process, job posting, and integration.

● Because there was no personnel management system in place, the client had no system in place to track candidates and interviews. 

● It was a tedious task to onboard the candidate. 

● There is no system in place to keep track of employee headcount, activity, and departures.

Finding a solution: 

● Nexivo suggested starting using Zoho Recruit to handle the complete ATS process, which includes the job opening process, sourcing and associating candidates, selecting the

    best candidate by skill set mapping, and interviews. 

● Tracking the candidates, and once selected pre onboarding (candidate onboarding) gets triggered, all required documents are attached by the candidate and approved by HR. ● All the organization's policies were configured and customized for effective HR operations and control.

Implementation and Result:  

● Specific customizations have been made in the Job Opening process to handle the multiple requisitions from the department, assign them to the right recruiter, and      monitor the status and pipeline of requisitions. Customization and integration are done with respect to the required job boards, and to auto filter the interested

    candidates, the assessment module is introduced. 

● Based on the business requirements, the candidate module is customized to capture all the compliance information related to employment. The interview process        is plugged in, where various levels of interviews are configured along with the capture of the recommendations of the hiring manager. 

● To have a follow-up action, the entire activities module is customized so that to-dos and meetings can be reviewed and actioned. 

● Dashboards are customized based on the need to track and measure the recruiter's performance.