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Executive Summary:

Rubus is a leading provider of an End to End Industrial IoT platform powered by Edge computing, AI, dynamic dashboards, and industry-specific use cases. They help organizations build competitive advantage through process and operational excellence.

The Challenges:

  1. Capturing of the leads through social media, marketing, website and chat.

  2. Leads assignment process.

  3. Automation of the complete business operation in CRM.

 4. Social media and email compaigning.

Finding Solution:

Being a technology partner of Rubus, Nexivo Consulting recommended them Zoho platform after knowing their suffering with regards to business process and operations. Moreover, being the Zoho Authorized Partner Nexivo Consulting did the complete analysis of their challenges and understood their requirements and provided the solutions.


Zoho CRM: We have integrated their website with zoho CRM, where leads will be automatically captured into zoho system when leads fill the online form. We also developed the chat bot where the customer can interact and will be captured as the lead into CRM system automatically. All the modules such as leads, contacts, accounts, deals, products are configured. When the lead qualifies the account, contacts and deal will be created automatically in zoho CRM. We have also created the lead assignment rules where lead will be assigned to the sales reps based on the condition. We have also added the roles for the employees. We developed the email templates and workflows where they will be triggered after completion of each activity to the customers. 

Zoho Sales IQ: We have developed a chat bot where we have defined the set of questions to be asked to capture the data from the lead and also we have integrated with the zoho CRM to capture the leads automatically. We have also developed a live chat option where the agent can have a live chat discussion with the customer and also developed a visitor tracking option.

Zoho Social: We have integrated with all the social platforms like facebook, twitter, instagram and google ads to capture the leads whenever the lead likes, shares, comments the post. We have also integrated the zoho social with the zoho CRM to capture the leads from all the social channels.

Zoho Marketing Hub: To have an efficient email marketing process, we have integrated zoho CRM with zoho Marketing Hub. We have created the Journeys to trigger the emails to all the leads in the CRM based on their previous email actions. Instead of sending the same emails to all the leads we are segmenting the leads depending on the particular criteria in the form of mailing lists. Also we have connected social channels with the marketing hub to run the campaigns in the social pages as well.


Zoho CRM: All the lead capturing processes have been automated. All the manual entries have been changed to digital records. Creation of the deals, accounts and contacts have been automated. Triggering of the emails and SMS has been automated. The assignment process to the sales reps is also automated.

Zoho SalesIQ: By using the chat bot all the service related questions are captured from the customer and automatically leads will be created in the zoho CRM. With the proper flow of the questions asked by the chat bot all the information is collected from the customer. With the live chat option it connects the available agent with the customer automatically to clarify the customer queries and also visitor tracking is also being done.

Zoho Social: Lead creation from the various social channels is simplified and also with the integration with zoho CRM all the leads are captured in the CRM so that sales reps can follow up.

Zoho Marketing Hub: Efficient marketing process was defined where the emails are triggered automatically based on the latest mail received from the lead. Integration with zoho social the campaigning in the social channels also became easy.