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Spark Sci

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Hyderabad, India

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Executive Summary:

After a very successful stint of joining hands with DLAB to establish presence in the Indian Analytical and Scientific Research Community for almost 5 years, in the year of 2020, SPARK Scientific was formed, to amplify our market outreach leverage upon the established business. Our goal is to be one-stop supplier of a wide range of general laboratory devices & instruments covering chemical, biological, environmental, forensic, food and clinical diagnostic applications. Our technical experts with dedicated R&D team ensure to offer the most effective and time saving solutions. Our products provide comfort, accuracy and convenience to conduct safe and efficient experiments during research. We are experienced in developing and providing customised products suitable for end user applications. We are partners with many prestigious companies and institutions throughout the world.

The Challenges:

1. Automation of complete business operations on CRM

2. Generation of the sales orders and purchase orders

3. Generation of invoices and send them through email

Finding Solution:

Being a technology partner of Spark Sci, Nexivo Consulting recommended them Zoho platform after knowing their suffering with regards to business process and operations. Moreover, being the Zoho Authorized Partner Nexivo Consulting did the complete analysis of their challenges and understood their requirements and provided the solutions.


Zoho CRM: All the modules such as leads, contacts, accounts, deals, products are configured. We have integrated the generation of invoices with zoho books by writing various custom functions. When the lead qualifies the account, contacts and deal will be created automatically in zoho CRM. We have also added the roles for the employees. We developed the email templates and workflows where they will be triggered after completion of each activity to the customers. We have also added all of their services in the products module. We have also configured the reports as per the requirement.

Zoho Books: We are capturing the lead data into the zoho books as contact to generate the invoices and we have written custom functions to integrate with the zoho CRM. We have written custom functions to generate the invoices and trigger the emails. We have also customised the sales order and purchase order modules. Created the various templates for the Sales order and purchase order modules.


Zoho CRM: All the lead capturing processes have been automated. Generation of the invoices to the customer has become easy for the agents. All the manual entries have been changed to the digital records. Creation of the deals, accounts and contacts have been automated. All the email are also sent automatically form the zoho CRM after each activity completion and also it has become hazzle free for the client to generate the reports.

Zoho Books: By using the zoho books generation of the invoices has been simplified and with the integration of the zoho CRM has made online invoicing easy. All the email templates are triggered automatically which makes the sales team easy from generation of invoices to collection of payments.