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Startup Consulting

While many people keep talking about starting a business one day, we have experts who have started many businesses already and worked in those. If you are not sure whether your business idea is viable and which step to take next, we provide personal 1:1 startup business advice sessions geared towards individuals looking to start a business specially in the Technology sector.

We ensure that we can come up with a Minimum Viable Product with our technology expertise and cloud innovations including Digital Marketing support . This MVP which can rapidly scale up with the user traffic without much problems.

We work in entrepreneur ecosystem  along with successful CXO’s  who can mentor you. Our consultants will analyse your business model, suggest revenue streams, give advice on fundraising, stress-test your route-to-market strategy, advice on marketing, and provide you with a thorough assessment of your business idea including a road-map for taking next steps.

Nexivo Consulting – We help Business owners and entrepreneurs to grow their business leveraging latest innovations in technology such as cloud computing, progressive web applications, Artificial Intelligence, Augemented and Virtual Reality,Internet of things, Inbound marketing solutions etc

We work based on following engagement Models

Retainer Model

A fixed payment over the duration of the contract. This is usually preferred when you are looking to exploit a range of services, share the risks and rewards, seeking a long term support.

Project Based

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Custom Engagement

Some companies prefer to take support on specific functions, for specific time period. 

Here, we will work with you to customize the service that you will require, with cost and time.

Areas of Startup Consulting Expertise

We work with our clients very closely during the  pre-startup phase, startup-phase closely suggesting the best solutions for taking ideas into realities with minimum budgets and quick roll outs to market. We work on following types of engagement

  • As a Business Analyst – Business Plan ,Market Research, Competition Landscape local and global,  Validation of Idea, MVP requirements, UI/UX Design, Development of MVP, Go to Market Strategies, Investor Pitch Deck
  • As a Consulting Partner – Requirements , Project Managment, Selection of Technologies, Development partners
  • As a Technology Partner – Product Development and Roll out to market, Post roll out support on the product development
  • As an IT Operations Partner – Cloud Operations, Applications Management, Support Operations
  • As Business Operations Partners  : Setting up IT  or Cloud Solutions and Automations for Marketing, Sales, CRM, Support, Ticketing Solutions, Human Resources, Field Sales, Outbound and Inbound Voice/IVR operations
  • As a Digital Marketing Partner – Online Digital Marketing Strategies both Inbound and Outbound

We love to work with startups and entrepreneurs !!

Business Consulting

Our goal at the Nexivo is to help you bring your entrepreneurial dreams to life. Our team is here to serve as your business plan writer, start-up consultant, Technology consulting,resource networking connection and entrepreneurial coach

Digital Marketing For Startups

Today, the biggest challenge for every company is to position their unique brand in the minds of their customers, prospects and other stakeholders. The present ecosystem for startups is highly competitive . We helps companies to carve a niche for their services; increase user aquisition ; thrust to move into revene generation phases quickly

Sales stratagies For Startups

Our consultants work along with you to set up the right sales team, in case you do not have one. For startups with lean sales team, we provide insights to chalk out an effective sales plan, chalk out key result areas that are measurable and identify the unique selling proposition / differentiation factors. We also recommended effective Sales solutions like CRM, Support and Ticketing systems tightly integrated into the business strategies

Technology Consulting For Startups

We understand that we have to deal with entrepreneurs who are focussed on solving business problems for their customers. Our Consultants would also like you to do that and leave the rest to us. We are very strong in Applications Development using the latest frameworks of both Mobile and the Web world on the cloud specially focussed on AWS cloud. We love to use new technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Chat Bots, Augmented Reality or Virtual Reality solutions to solve business problems

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