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Executive Summary:
OAKS( is an education technology online platform that delivers personalized and engaging learning experiences to primary and secondary school students .It is a product of Sunitha Infovision Ltd , which has been delivering digital learning experiences at many schools since last 15 years in the states of Telangana and Andhra pradesh with more than 200 schools and using their e learning products and digital learning platforms to provide educational support and services to government schools. 

The company was looking for automation tools that could help them in better project management to manage content creation and internal automation of HR processes, IT infrastructure monitoring. They tried many tools but always ended up with disappointment by experiencing more expenditure and less productivity through them.  Being our valuable client we have suggested them to switch into Zoho. They are now happy and satisfied customer of Zoho. 


Being a leading online learning platform for the primary and secondary school education, they have captured a major market share in the Government and Private Schools in Telangana and AP. The most important pillar of the platform is the "Video and animated content" which has been scientifically created with the help of various E-learning experts coming from training backgrounds with more than 15 years of experience. The content is designed, created delivered by a set of experts working in multiple project groups continuously through the year. Managing multiple content projects was a difficult task when there is a direct or indirect dependencies between multiple content teams. The team was looking for less complicated and more flexible tools for managing such a big portal. 

The Business:  

Sunita  Infovision  is  an  education  technology  company  delivering  personalized  and  engaging  learning  experiences  to  students  which  is  based  out  in  
Hyderabad,  India  with  having    a    team  size    of  more  than  70  employees  ,  established  in  the  year  2002.    
Their  Elearning  platform  OAKS  revolutionary  technology  identifies  individual  student learning  gaps  and  fills  those  gaps  through  algorithmic  generated  
curricula  and interactive  support.  OAKS  further  enhances  learning  by  providing  students  with  an engaging  and  fun  learning  environment  and  teachers  with  
actionable  and comprehensive  data.  


The Challenges:  

Before  using  Zoho  products  YourOAKS  team  was  facing    challenges  and  difficulties  to  execute  projects  for  delivering  e-learning  content  (Videos  /Animations  /  Modules)  with  multiple  teams  coordinating  tasks  and  project  management  using  traditional  excel  sheets  
                    ●   The  company  was  also  looking    to  streamline  HR  processes  when  the  employee grew  more  than  50  
●   The  companies  e-learning  product  was  deployed  on  AWS  cloud  and  it  was  becoming  difficult  to  monitor  the  platform  in  real-                                               time  for  performance  issues, diagnostics  and  non  availability.  They  could  not  find  an  affordable  and  advanced tool  that  can  manage  their website,  
server  Synthetic  Web  Transaction, Application  Performance,  network,  Public  and  Private  Cloud,  Real  User Monitoring  and  log  management.    
●   Customers were demanding real time in depth analytics and insights of students learning experiences from their current platform which was running on MySql        database 


Finding a solution :  

Being  a  technology  partner  of  Sunita  Infovision,  we  did  a  complete  analysis  of  their challenges  and    problems  after  understanding  the  existing  businesses  
processes .  
  As  our  valuable  customer  we  suggested  "Zoho  Platform"  implementation  in  a  phase wise  manner.  After  a  brief  consultation  session    by  our  Zoho  experts,  
their  management decided  to  go  with  Zoho  Projects  and  Zoho  People.  This  was  the  first  step  toward automation  of  their  critical  processes.    As  per  their  
business  needs  and  operations  we have  also  recommened  Zoho  Mail,  Zoho  Analytics,  Site24x7  as  the  next  phase  of automation.  We  provided  them  the  
complete  support  and  assistance  with  training  and guidance  that  made  them  effortlessly  implement    Zoho  solutions  to  their  business needs.    


Implementation and Result:  

Zoho  Projects:  The  company  saw  a  huge  performance  and  productivity  boost  between the  team  members  and  were  completing  the  work  in  the  defined  
timelines  more  than 90%  of  the  time  thus  saving  20%  of  cost  overheads.  
  Zoho  People:  The  company  was  having  3  employees  managing  the  HR  operations With  Zoho  people  being  implemented,  they  are  now  managing  the  HR  
operations  using  single  resource  thus  saving  the  cost  of  payroll  of  2  employees  
  Zoho  Site24x7:  Nexivo  has  set  up  IT  Infra  monitoring  with  Zoho  Site  24x7  which enables  to  monitor  website,  server,  Synthetic  Web  Transaction,  Application 
Performance,  network,  Public  and  Private  Cloud, User  Monitoring and  log  management.  This  saved  the  cost  of  a  single  IT  Resource  for  monitoring  Infra  

What would you say publicly about Zoho?
"Zoho is truly an all in one comprehensive solution for any growing Business in 
terms of customers as well as revenues. The best part of Zoho is that it has all the 
business applications in one basket which immediately provides huge benefits in 

terms of cost and time "  

Mr.Suman Anand, MD , Sunita Infovision / platform  

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