Nexivo - Zoho's Favourite Partner
Zoho's Favourite Partner

Zoho Certified Consultants

Nexivo has a strong steam of Domain experts and developers , who are trained, certified and qualified to work on Business process automation implementation in the areas of  Sales, Marketing, Finance, Operations and Collaboration Suites of Zoho. 

"All of our developers and experts go through a continuos rigorous training on the Zoho applications  every 3 months"

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Zoho Certifications of Nexivo's Principal Consultants

Nexivo is authorized partner of Zoho with global presence. Our Zoho certified consultants offer a specialized consulting expertise in Zoho SalesIQ and Zoho Analytics.

Zoho Sales IQ

Sales IQ is a Marketing Tool by Zoho, to monitor online prospects and convert them to Sales

Zoho Analytics

Zoho Analytics is a powerful Business Intelligence tool for every kind of data

Our Zoho certified experts have perfect solutions to all your business problems

We're here to provide you the entire range of Zoho services and solutions that will suit your business

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