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Developing Serverless Zoho applications with Zoho Catalyst

26 Oct 2019 07:39:53 PM Comment(s) By ramki

Meet Zoho Catalyst !! A powerful Serverless Cloud 

With Zoho now offering more than 45+ applications to fit into the needs of most of the enterprises and these applications covering most of the standard business processes, there was always a need to develop custom applications or integrate other third party systems to exchange data. 

While it made sense to develop those applications and host on an external infrastructure for eg. an outbound calling application developed using VueJS , well integrated within the Zoho extensions and widgets ecosystem, still these applications have to be managed separately.

Nexivo - Zoho Catalyst Partner, Zoho Partner

With Zoho Catalyst, Zoho developers can benefit in the following ways. The platform provides three service components. 

  • Backend as a Service
  • Function as a Service
  • Catalyst Services

Nexivo's developers have a strong expertise on developing products using server-less infrastructure. Our Zoho developers will now fully utilise this new feature of Zoho to develop cloud based applications. We can now develop full fledged Zoho applications which are customised for our customers

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