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Zoho CRM: Winner of PCMag's Business Choice Awards 2019

08 Nov 2019 06:40:51 PM Comment(s) By Suma

Zoho CRM that all your business need

PCMag—one of the leading online tech magazines—has named Zoho CRM the winner of their 2019 Business Choice Awards for CRM. The award comes after PCMag also named Zoho the 2019 Editor’s Choice CRM. 

Zoho CRM received the highest overall satisfaction rating (7.4) and achieved the rare distinction of being the only brand to get a positive Net Promoter Score (NPS)  among all the other vendors in contention. 

 “The Editors’ Choice pick for CRM now gets to share the Business Choice pick from readers. Its mobile efforts have certainly paid off, as have Zoho’s integration with email and social networks. Readers rated it the best for reliability, lead capturing, custom reports, and workflow—a sweep of all the categories that matter when you’re working in the field.

–PCMag, on what made Zoho CRM stand out from the competition.

 Here are a few highlights from the survey results-

  • Zoho was the most recommended CRM software by the respondents of the PCMag survey with a score of 8.0, comfortably beating out Salesforce and other top CRM vendors. by the respondents of the PCMag survey with a score of 8.0, comfortably beating out Salesforce and other top CRM vendors.
  • Zoho CRM also scored 8.0 or higher in categories like Reliability, Email Provider Integration, Lead Capturing, Email Tracking, and Social Media Integration. No other vendor managed to get a score of more than 8.0 in any of these categories.
  • Zoho CRM’s highly-rated iOS and Android mobile apps received the maximum score of 8.5, with Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics sharing the distant second place with a score of 6.6, closely followed by Oracle with 6.5.
  • Zoho CRM’s transparent pricing and unbeatable value were well-received by the respondents, making it the top choice with a score of 8.2, followed by Microsoft Dynamics at 6.4 and NetSuite at 6.0.
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