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Smart On-boarding

20 Nov 2019 04:34:29 PM Comment(s) By Suma

Employee On-boarding from Zoho People

We know how much efforts it takes to craft a successful onboarding program. And we do understand that having a customizable digital solution that works the way you need can make all the difference.

Zoho people is the powerful tool with a unified solution for every employer to set up the onboarding process the way they want. It is equipped with advanced, pre-built, and customizable options like candidate onboarding, role-based workflows, and more. With these features, they will be able to quickly launch a successful onboarding process that’ll simplify work for HR while augmenting the employee experience.

Let’s take a look at what Zoho People’s enhanced onboarding has in store for you.

Candidate Onboarding

First phase is candidate onboarding, it is a phase where you’re trying to convert prospective candidates into long-term employees. It’s also when candidates are evaluating your company and probably deciding whether to work with you. During this crucial time, it’s important to give your candidates a seamless experience without having HR staff struggle with all the back-end work that takes place before an employee joins. Zoho People lets employers build a new hire portal where you can add candidates and send them an externally accessible link to collect personal and professional information like qualifications or previous work experience using customizable forms. You can also send digital offer letters and other documents like company policies that employees will need to read through.

Employee Onboarding

With just a click of a button you can convert the candidates into employees. All thenew hire information can be provided without a hitch.

Customize Workflows-

We know every new hire for different roles need a specialized onboarding experience. And that's why we let you craft onboarding workflows that are specific to roles in order to personalize their experience. To not to miss important tasks like assigning seating locations or providing equipment, you can design workflows & checklists.

Give a warm welcome to the new employees-

Educate your new hires about your company. Using the add videos feature in Zoho People you can talk about your compnay's value, cuture, vision/mission, and more. 

Drive productivity from day one-

Zoho People will enables managers to set objectives for new hires and establish what is expected of them at work. This will guide employees down the right path from day one and ensure transparency in their work.

Easily track the progress-

We understand it's important to keep track of where employees stand and have frequent check-ins to ensure they have the best experience. Easily track the progress of each employee and further assist them accordingly with Zoho People.

Now digital onboarding has become a way to automate document management and other back-end work. It has created more human experience while leveraging technology that significantly increases retention too.

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