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eWidget in Zoho Mail

09 Jan 2020 07:04:05 PM Comment(s) By Suma

The extensions widget that integrates with many Zoho and third-party applications. 

Zoho mail widget

Zoho has come out with a new feature called as eWidget in Zoho Mail—the extensions widget that integrates with many Zoho and third-party applications. 

eWidget provides you with options to view and access information and perform actions in various apps, right from your inbox, through app extensions and integrations configured with Zoho Mail. You can mark your most used apps as favorites to list them on top.

In addition to providing quick access to these apps, eWidget is also contextually integrated with your emails to display the information in the appropriate fields. Any updates made through eWidget will directly reflect in the apps, ensuring optimal productivity for you.

Work is so much easier when split into projects and then into tasks, but keeping track of and managing said tasks is a different story. That’s where a project management tool comes into the picture. Open another tab? Nope! If you’re a Zoho Mail user, you can do it all from eWidget. View different projects and the tasks associated with them, use the search bar to quickly locate tasks, and mark them complete when you’re done. eWidget makes it all easier.

Don't worry your secrets are safe with vault. Share your credentials securely with Zoho Vault. You can access your credentials in Zoho Vault right from eWidget in Zoho Mail.

Create, edit, and manage your passwords through eWidget, and use the search bar and filter options to get your credentials faster, and then mark them as favorites.

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